What To Expect During an Initial Consultation

So, you’ve been thinking about a home building or remodeling project and are ready to take the next step. Great! When considering a project like this, the very first step is consulting with a dependable general contracting company. Enter Galvas Construction. What can you expect during the initial consultation? Discussing the Project We invite you … Continue Reading »

How To Select a Kitchen Backsplash

Just as selecting floor finishes, lighting and paint colors define the overall aesthetic of your home, the kitchen backsplash is an opportunity to put personal style on full display. The space between the cabinets and countertop might seem small, but this area packs a punch and can easily become a focal point of the room. … Continue Reading »

5 Tips For Picking Your Home Builder

If you are like most people, building your dream home is a huge undertaking that involves a lot of moving parts.  All of these parts must come together simultaneously and smoothly if this process is to be an enjoyable one.  Just like a finely tuned engine, having all the right things happen in a precise … Continue Reading »