5 Tips For Picking Your Home Builder

If you are like most people, building your dream home is a huge undertaking that involves a lot of moving parts.  All of these parts must come together simultaneously and smoothly if this process is to be an enjoyable one.  Just like a finely tuned engine, having all the right things happen in a precise and deliberate manner makes for an enjoyable experience. However, if any of those get out of sync, chaos can ensue.  Picking the right builder for your project can be a daunting task…but it doesn’t have to be.  We have compiled a list of 5 tips to help you in your search.  Following this list can mean the difference between a dream build and a nightmare.

1. Make sure the contractor you choose has a proven record of good communication.  You will never be able to access a busy professional 24/7, but you should be able to get the answers to your questions or concerns from your contractor or a member of his staff in a timely manner (typically within 72 hours).  When you do your initial interview with a potential contractor, ask them what their typical reply time is.

2. Financial solvency is something easily proved.  The decision to hire a contractor who is struggling financially could prove to be detrimental. The last thing you want to do is find yourself in the middle of a project, only to discover your builder can’t finish the project due to lack of financial stability.  Ask around or ask them to produce references that can attest to their ability to pay in a timely manner.  Usually this is the truest indicator.

3. Make sure when choosing your contractor that they are completely transparent in their billing practices.  If costs differ during the build from what the estimate was, they should be able to and be willing to provide documentation for those costs.  You should not expect a contractor to produce every invoice that crosses their desk, but if there are ever any concerns, an upstanding builder will be more than happy to put your mind at ease.

4. Any builder (unless just starting out) should have a solid portfolio of their work. Ask to tour any homes they still have access to and check for meticulous workmanship, impeccable finishes, and beautiful touches. A quality builder can build any style home, but for the true artisan, the devil is in the details.

5. Any contractor worth their salt will have repeat business and be held in high regard by their clients. No build will ever be perfect, but the contractor’s ability to problem solve and keep things on track (both time and budget wise) will establish that contractor in the client’s eyes as a great investment. Ask any potential contractor how many repeat clients they have.  Check their websites for Client Testimonials. Most clients become more like family and they would be glad to discuss with you why they not only picked their contractor, but why they would pick them again.

Using these tips as a guideline is sure to make your process of building that dream home much smoother.  Galvas Construction constructs beautiful dream homes all up and down the breathtaking 30-A Corridor and we would love the opportunity to bid your job and get to know you.construction-hard-hat