What To Expect During an Initial Consultation

So, you’ve been thinking about a home building or remodeling project and are ready to take the next step. Great! When considering a project like this, the very first step is consulting with a dependable general contracting company. Enter Galvas Construction. What can you expect during the initial consultation?

Discussing the Project

We invite you to meet with our team to get details about what your general goals are. Are you looking to update a room in your house? Add an outdoor living space? Build from the ground up? We talk about your initial thoughts on the project and learn more about your lifestyle in terms of how you envision the space being used on an everyday basis.

Goals and Priorities

We love getting to know our clients. An initial consultation typically involves an array of questions so we can better understand your specific goals and what you hope to achieve with this project.

  • Full-time home?
  • Second home / 30A vacation home?
  • Does sustainability top your list?
  • Is floor space a priority?
  • Need extra storage solutions?
  • Looking for efficiency or natural light?
  • Better traffic patterns?
  • Focusing on curb appeal?

We often work with clients to rank these in order of importance so that goals that potentially conflict with each other can be worked out. Our team helps guide this prioritization exercise, combining our expertise with your interests.

Design Brainstorming

When it comes to the possibilities of design, the options are endless. The 30A area is known for its distinct architectural styles and various neighborhoods have specific requirements homes must meet. We work with you and our design partner to consider options that make you happiest while meeting your needs and goals.

Learn About Us

Get to know our work and work style by viewing past projects, hearing from clients via testimonials and reviews and learning about our project management system. We provide clients with detailed updates, photos and an extensive tracking document to share progress. Our team works with a variety of trusted subcontractors and trade experts to create the best product.

Initial Budget

Final budgets are agreed upon after careful planning and decision-making for every element that goes into building a home. During an initial consultation, we work to estimate what a project of your scope would likely cost. Our system allows us to break down every detail so you can see exactly what makes up the total and where you might want to make adjustments.

The team at Galvas Construction is knowledgeable and passionate about our work. We don’t take our tasks lightly and know that we’re not just building a house for our clients, we’re building stories.

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